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Art Therapy at the Burkett Center

Posted on April 27, 2016

In 2010, I served as the Art Therapist at the Burkett Center for about 3 years during their seasonal annual programming. The kids were precious and our work together involved developing interpersonal skills, relaxation techniques, and increasing their quality of life through sensory stimulus and hand over hand techniques. This video captures aspects of the programming. I hope you enjoy the video produced by VSA Alabama, the former state-wide organization on arts and disabilities serving both children and adults with disabilities and chronic illness through the arts (

Open House Follow Up

Posted on December 8, 2012

I’ve stayed fairly busy these past few months! But before I write about what I’ve been up to, I want to first say a BIG THANKS to ALL who came and supported the open house a few weeks back. I’ve never felt so encouraged and rode on a high of feeling so loved for at least a week–just couldn’t stop smiling. The art cabinet is pretty happy too- FULL of wonderful art supplies that you all donated. Many thanks! Here are a few snapshots of the new studio space: Image