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For you shall go out in JOY and be led forth in PEACE…

Posted on January 15, 2015

I have been completely fascinated with Starlings this fall. They have been all over our neighborhood and many times flock to our yard and cover every tree branch in our little backyard forest …Wikipedia describes them as such: “Starlings have strong feet, their flight is strong and direct, and they are very gregarious.”— I love that description because it comes across as something I can aspire to. And yet, another website describes their wonder more as a nuisance: Starlings are considered pests because they nest in places you do not want them….Starlings will nest in almost anything that resembles a cavity, such as a hole in a building or sign, a bird house, a hollow in a tree or a crack in rocks. You will…

Umbrellas for Peace in Alaska

Posted on August 30, 2014

Umbrellas for Peace in Alaska was a group collaboration. The project was an adaptation from the world-wide organization spreading the word of peace by using the umbrella as a metaphor for protection. It does not discriminate, and all people regardless of race, age, gender or country are safe under the umbrella. When working with adolescents and the topic of conflict resolution, this was a fun project that promoted great discussion about promoting a community of peace.