We work our whole lives to create our story–a compilation of our lifestyle that includes our home, our career, our community, and our identity. Retirement is a word we dream of in our early years of employment; we even idolize it. However, for many, when retirement does come, common stressors with aging come too. Aging isn’t easy and neither is starting life over in a retirement home with a new community, a different schedule, and new challenges. Many individuals face loneliness, depression and a loss of identity during this time.

Art Stories Studio seeks to help individuals take ownership over their story once again. An Art Story is an effective way to communicate both fiction and non-fiction stories. Sometimes it takes trying something different to get unstuck. While an Art Story may sound new to you, culturally, we are immersed in stories daily (i.e. movies, songs, dance, art, television, music, etc). Individually, we have personal stories of celebrations, hardships, and occasional monotony. Stories contain hope and vulnerability; stories contain disappointments and grief. As stories are told, they connect us with others and bring meaning and a sense of order to life. No matter your age, gender, ethnicity or ability, your story matters. If you think about it, you’ve already got an Art Story (so for those of you who get queasy thinking about your artistic talent, put your fears at ease!)

An Art Story can be created through artimg_5373 therapy, a gentle therapeutic tool that brings about a deeper understanding of oneself. Art Stories Studio provides both individual counseling services as well as group therapy opportunities for those in retirement. The goal of Art Stories Studio is for clients to experience a safe and supportive environment to tell their own story, sort through feelings and create while discovering obstacles that may exist and limit their full potential. Through art we are given the opportunity to further understand and connect with ourselves and others. The use of art in a therapeutic environment, promotes imagination and creativity while providing a refuge to communicate without expectations and the evaluation of others. Seniors who may benefit from services at Art Stories Studio include, but are not limited to, those who experience or are coping with:

Anxiety | Fear | Depression | Loneliness | Mental and physical disabilities | Shame and guilt | Emotional management | Family concerns and conflict | Grief and loss Co-dependency | Anger | Psychological well-being Chronic illness & recovery from illness | Relationship conflict | Career and retirement issues | Spiritual issues | Self-esteem challenges | Self-identity, discovery and exploration | Stress

However, Art Stories Studio is a place for everyone, even to simply heighten your sense of creativity, preserve memories of the past, or bring enrichment where your story is going today. If you have questions or concerns about how you may benefit from art therapy, please contact Art Stories Studio to see if the services offered would be appropriate. 

 To be a Person is to have a story to tell. -Karen Blixen/Isak Dinesen (author of Out of Africa)