While concentrating on the arrows in my painting, imagery of a target came to mind. The points of my arrows were not visible–only the feathers appeared– reflecting the concept that the arrows have no direction; they’re powerless by themselves without an archer’s steady hand. “Aim Undisclosed” became the title, thus representing a lack of a goal or target in my own life at the time.

When I first painted this image, I was navigating vision in the midst of what felt like a deep darkness.  What I didn’t know 6 months ago, I do now. Art Stories Studio is a big part of that vision. In the process of developing this place, I did not have all the details in order before I took the leap of faith that lead to quitting my former full-time job. I left predictability and stability in the darkness, moving forward to what I hoped would be light. During the process, I discovered how near and prepared God was. He was steady and strong when I felt so weak and lost. As arrows are powerless by themselves, when placed in a bow and driven by a preeminent archer with a steady hand, those arrows are pulled back in tension and released to hit the mark that the archer aimed for. I truly believe that Art Stories Studio is one of the many ‘marks’ in my life that was truly beyond my imagination and was truly meant to be.